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A. Human and Material (OJI or Incident Forms).

1. Each and every employee of the district shall cause a written report to be filed, as herein provided, regarding any incident, accident or injury to health or property.

2. In addition to all information required by the district’s report forms, personal injury and property damage reports shall include any and all information within the knowledge of the person making the report that may have a bearing on the incident.

3. The reports must be carefully and accurately stated. Forms CVWD-012 and CVWD-019 and/or Department of Workers’ Compensation form and DWC-1 are required.

4. Failure to report within 24 hours in accordance with the intent of these rules may be cause for disciplinary action including suspension and/or termination.

5. A detailed report shall be handed to the employee’s immediate supervisor, then forwarded to human resources, risk management and the claims/safety department.

6. An investigation shall be made (or caused to be made) by the supervisor and the report to be attached to the original incident report.

7. Retention of file copies of all reports within the district shall be charged to human resources and document control. (Ord. 1425.13 § 6, 2020; Ord. 1425.12 § 6, 2019)