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Appendix V. Penalties for Unauthorized Use of the District’s Domestic Water System.
This appendix is included in your selections.

See Article IX, CVWDC 3.05.420 and 3.05.430.

Description of Unauthorized Use

Penalty Charge

Unauthorized Installation/Connection/Use Penalty

$1,000 each offense

Unauthorized use of a Private Fire Protection Service Connection

$1,000 each offense

Restoration of Service after unauthorized installation/connection/use

Meter Only Charge in Accordance with Table I-1 or I-2 (Appendix I of this chapter)

Cutting District lock or bypassing meter


Damage to meter, pipeline, reservoir, well site or other component of the Domestic Water Service Infrastructure

$300 or actual cost of repair, whichever is greater

Broken meter stop/shut-off valve


(Ord. 1399.12 § A-22, 2017)