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The following exceptions and exemptions to Domestic Water Regulations have been approved by the Board of Directors in accordance with CVWDC 3.05.050.

See CVWDC 3.05.050.

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El Dorado Property Owners Association

The portion of the parcels at the 24 addresses listed which extend into the flood control channel located on Fairway Drive in Indian Wells: 76011, 76031, 76075, 76095, 76125, 76131, 76165, 76171, 76191, 76211, 76225, 76245, 76273, 76297, 76319, 76343, 76363, 76383, 76403, 76421, 76435, 76455, 76469, 76485.

Description of Policy Exception/Exemption: Increase water budget by increasing landscaped area to compensate for decreased plant co-efficient factor in water budget calculation.

Justification for Policy Exception/Exemption: Effective July 2016, CVWD changed the Plant Co-efficient used to calculate water budget based tiered rates to allow for 50 percent grass and 50 percent desert landscaping. CVWD requires El Dorado Property Owners to maintain turf in the channel for flood control purposes. The Board approved an increase to the landscaped area of the property from 524,576 to 667,642 square feet to offset the impact of the decreased plant co-efficient to allow for the maintenance of turf without penalty.

Date of Board Approval:

Future Review Date:

(Ord. 1399.12 § A-26, 2017)