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Article III. Service Connection
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A. Types. The district will install two types of service connections, a permanent service connection or a temporary service connection.

1. Class of Service. A class of service will be assigned to each meter at the time of application. This class of service will be assigned based upon the intended usage of this meter. Change of intended usage must be reported to the district by the customer within five business days. Change in intended usage must be approved by the district and may be subject to additional fees and/or charges. A listing of class of service is provided in Appendix L of this chapter.

B. Installation. Only authorized employees or agents of the district shall install a service connection to active water mains. Contractors are permitted to install service connections to water mains that have not been progressed for domestic water service as outlined in the district’s Development Design Manual.

C. Responsibility. The district owns, operates, and maintains the service connection. The property owner is responsible for the customer service line. (Ord. 1399.13 § 3-1, 2019)