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Article IX. Conditions of Domestic Water Service
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A. Maintenance of Domestic Water Service. The district will exercise reasonable diligence and care to furnish and deliver a continuous and sufficient supply of water to the customer and to avoid any shortage or interruption of delivery of same. The district is not liable for interruption, shortage, insufficiency of supply or any loss or damage occasioned thereby, if same is caused by accident, act of God, fire, strike, riot, war or any other cause not within its control.

B. Suspension of Domestic Water Service. The district, whenever it finds it necessary for the purpose of making repairs or improvements to the water system, may suspend domestic water service temporarily. This temporary suspension of service will inactivate a fire suppression system that is provided water through the customer’s service connection. In all such cases, a reasonable notice thereof, as circumstances will permit, will be given to the customer. The making of such repairs or improvements will be done as rapidly as practicable and, if practicable, at such times as will cause the least inconvenience to the customers.

C. Pressure. The district operates the domestic water system within a static pressure range between 60 to 100 pounds per square inch (psi). Applicants connecting to the domestic water system in an area with a static water pressure below 60 psi will be required to execute a low pressure agreement. If the static water pressure exceeds 80 psi, an individual pressure regulating valve is required on the customer service line as required by the Uniform Plumbing Code.

The district assumes no obligation to deliver water to elevations higher than its existing facilities serve. Where properties are situated at such an elevation that the applicant cannot be assured of a dependable supply from the domestic water system and/or the desired rates of flow and/or pressure required by the particular operation to be conducted on the property cannot be assured by the district, the applicant, in consideration of district approval of a service connection, accepts such domestic water service as the district is able to render from its water system. The applicant agrees to construct, if necessary, and maintain at its sole expense on its property a tank and/or a booster pump of sufficient capacity to furnish an auxiliary supply of water at such times as pressure in the domestic water system may be insufficient to supply the property with water. The applicant will be required to execute a written release to the district for all claims for failure to furnish an adequate water supply.

Due to topography, and other causes, the water pressure is not uniform over the district’s service area. The installation of new domestic water infrastructure and/or modifications to the water system operation may result in water pressure changes to various areas within the service area. The district will attempt to maintain adequate pressure and/or flow at all existing service connections; however, customers dependent upon a continuous water supply shall provide adequate storage for emergencies and to prevent damage, at their sole expense, if required by the district.

D. Responsibility. The district owns, operates and maintains the service connection. The property owner is responsible for the customer service line.

The district is not responsible for the delivery of water through private pipelines or any damage resulting from the operation of same.

E. Liability. The customer waives any and all claims of any nature against the district, except those related to gross negligence on the part of the district, and releases the district from any liability for damage to the customer’s system, property and appliances from any cause whatsoever resulting from gross negligence on the part of the district. The customer further waives any and all claims of any nature against the district and releases the district from any liability for losses or damage to the property receiving domestic water service, which may involve quantity, quality, foreign material, time or occasion of the delivery of domestic water by the district.

F. Damage to Meter by Hot Water. The customer shall be liable for damage to the meter caused by hot water from the property. The deformation or warp of a disc or a registered figured disc of any meter shall be held to be prima facie evidence of such damage having been caused by the action of heat. Should such damage occur, the customer will be notified to correct the plumbing conditions causing such damage and will be charged for the cost of repairs to the meter. Should the condition not be corrected and the meter repair bill not paid within 10 days after notice, domestic water service to the property may be terminated and domestic water service will not be restored until the bill is paid, together with a charge for restoration of service, as provided for in CVWDC 3.05.320(A).

G. Transfer of Meters. No person shall transfer or move a meter to a new location without district authorization once it has been installed by the district at any service connection. Such transfer or removal will constitute an unauthorized connection or installation. The customer is responsible for loss or damage to a meter from the time it is installed until it is removed by the district. Any person who is determined by district staff to have violated the provisions of this section shall be subject to a penalty as provided in Appendix V of this chapter; domestic water service may be terminated, district facilities removed or locked off and the district may also file a civil action to recover damages as authorized by Cal. Water Code §§ 31080 and 31102. (Ord. 1399.13 § 9-1, 2019)