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A. Before any water is delivered by the district, each landowner must fill out, sign and file with the district an “Application for Water by Landowner,” for each parcel of land for which he desires water. This application shall indicate the particular land or lands owned by the applicant which are to receive water and shall also designate the name or names of those persons who will have authority subsequently to place water orders under the application. The required application form may be procured at the district office.

B. Whenever the person or persons who are to have authority to place water orders under an application are to be changed or whenever ownership of a parcel of land is changed, a new application for water must be filled out, signed and filed with the district.

C. The landowner shall provide a right-of-way for access road to meter and valves for operational and maintenance purposes.

D. Water will be delivered only through district approved service connections.

E. There shall be installed by the landowner, prior to any delivery, an adequate overflow or constant head stand approved by the district. (Ord. 958 § 1, 1964)