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A. During each calendar month the district shall mail a statement covering charges for all water delivered during the preceding month which charges shall be due and payable immediately. If charges billed are not paid by the tenth day of the month succeeding the month in which billed, they shall become delinquent, following which the district shall, without further notice, discontinue service until such charges are paid in full. Whether or not the statement covering charges, as in this section provided, is actually delivered to the person responsible for the payment thereof is not controlling, the amount of said charges being due and owing to the district whether or not the statement therefor is actually delivered.

B. Any applicant whose application for water is filed pursuant to CVWDC 3.10.010 and 3.10.020, which application is accepted by the district and under which application water is furnished by the district as provided herein, becomes liable for payment under the appropriate rate schedule for all water or services so furnished by the district, as provided herein, subsequent to the date stipulated on the authorization and until such time as the applicant makes proper request to the district to cancel the authorization. It is understood that the district delivers water through its works and meters and charges for all water delivered through each meter. In the event that water service is interrupted or discontinued by the district because of the failure of the applicant or the water user to pay the charges therefor, said service shall not be restored nor shall water again be delivered through the meter or to the land involved unless and until all charges which are delinquent have been paid in full. Change in ownership of land shall in no way cause a modification hereof, it being the intent and purpose of this provision that once a delinquency has occurred, no further water will be delivered through the involved meter to the concerned land, even though ownership of the land has changed, unless and until all delinquencies have been paid in full. (Ord. 1127, 1980; Ord. 958 § 6, 1964)