Chapter 3.10 WATER ORDERS


3.10.010 Initial application for water.

A. Before any water is delivered by the district, each landowner must fill out, sign and file with the district an “Application for Water by Landowner,” for each parcel of land for which he desires water. This application shall indicate the particular land or lands owned by the applicant which are to receive water and shall also designate the name or names of those persons who will have authority subsequently to place water orders under the application. The required application form may be procured at the district office.

B. Whenever the person or persons who are to have authority to place water orders under an application are to be changed or whenever ownership of a parcel of land is changed, a new application for water must be filled out, signed and filed with the district.

C. The landowner shall provide a right-of-way for access road to meter and valves for operational and maintenance purposes.

D. Water will be delivered only through district approved service connections.

E. There shall be installed by the landowner, prior to any delivery, an adequate overflow or constant head stand approved by the district. (Ord. 958 § 1, 1964)

3.10.020 Deposits.

In case of public lands under lease or lands held by desert-entry, entryman recognized as such by the United States Bureau of Land Management, an “Application for Water by Other Than Landowner” may be received and may be granted in the discretion of the board, upon the precedent condition, however, that a deposit shall be made with the district to guarantee all tolls and charges; deposit shall be returned upon termination of water service, less any amount then due and owing. The amount of deposit to be made will be set by the board at time of approval of application for water. (Ord. 958 § 2, 1964)

3.10.030 Water orders.

A. All water orders must be placed with the office of the water department of the district during normal business hours. The district assumes no responsibility for errors arising from orders which are not submitted in writing.

B. Water orders may be placed only by an authorized person and must include the following information:

1. Meter number.

2. Name of landowner.

3. Name of authorized person placing the order.

4. The quantity of water and the period of time during which said order is to be effective.

C. On the day upon which the order is to be put into effect, the zanjero will turn water on or off or make changes at the time when he passes the point of delivery on his regular scheduled run for that day.

D. Delivered water as ordered will run continuously day and night until ordered off. Water orders will not be accepted for runs of less than 12 hours, and must be in multiples of 12 hours. Requests for cancellation which are placed after normal business hours on the day preceding the day upon which an order is to become effective will be received and honored only as an unscheduled change.

E. Where the demand for water exceeds the capacity of the facilities, water shall be delivered in sequence to water users pursuant to orders received at the maximum rate of flow available or as much thereof as the water user shall order. Twelve days shall be the maximum period of time for a complete cycle during which all affected water users are served. The amount of time allotted to each water user shall bear the same ratio as his acreage bears to the total acreage involved; provided, that the shortest length of time for a given delivery shall be one day. Should all of the water users involved in a rotation water schedule agree among themselves to a schedule other than above and submit such schedule in writing, the board of directors or the general manager may approve same if it does not conflict with existing rules and regulations.

F. Where the demand for water exceeds the available water supply, water orders may be delayed except under emergency conditions as determined by the district. (Ord. 1303, 2003; Ord. 958 § 3, 1964)

3.10.040 Scheduled and unscheduled orders.

In addition to the current water tolls, there shall be a special service charge made for each scheduled and unscheduled order, amount of charge being set forth in rate schedules as referred to in CVWDC 3.10.050. “Scheduled orders” are generally defined as any canal water order, shut-off, or change placed prior to 11:00 a.m. the day before a requested delivery and/or change. “Unscheduled orders” are generally defined as any canal water order, shut-off, or change placed after 11:00 a.m. for next day delivery and/or change or any order placed any time for the current day’s delivery.

All orders are subject to the availability of water in the lateral involved and the ability of the district’s personnel to perform the additional work. (Ord. 1431, 2016; Ord. 1311, 2003; Ord. 1303, 2003; Ord. 958 § 4, 1964)

3.10.050 Rate schedules.

All charges for water furnished to a water user will be made as set forth in the rate schedules established from time to time by the board of directors of the Coachella Valley Water District. Copies of these rate schedules are available for inspection at the district office. (Ord. 1405, 2013; Ord. 1394, 2012; Ord. 1390, 2011; Ord. 1379, 2010; Ord. 1370, 2009; Ord. 1363, 2008; Ord. 1353, 2007; Ord. 1342, 2006; Ord. 1329, 2005; Ord. 1318, 2004; Ord. 1311, 2003; Ord. 1303, 2003; Ord. 1298, 2002; Ord. 1284, 2000; Ord. 1274, 1999; Ord. 1252, 1995; Ord. 1227, 1991; Ord. 1221, 1990; Ord. 1219, 1990; Ord. 1214, 1990; Ord. 1208, 1989; Ord. 1199, 1988; Ord. 1183, 1986; Ord. 1161, 1984; Ord. 1153, 1983; Ord. 1148, 1982; Ord. 1134, 1981; Ord. 1127, 1980; Ord. 1119, 1979; Ord. 1112, 1979; Ord. 1089, 1978; Ord. 1082, 1977; Ord. 1072, 1976; Ord. 1061, 1975; Ord. 1055, 1975; Ord. 1049, 1974; Ord. 958 § 5, 1964)

3.10.060 Billing, termination and renewal of service.

A. During each calendar month the district shall mail a statement covering charges for all water delivered during the preceding month which charges shall be due and payable immediately. If charges billed are not paid by the tenth day of the month succeeding the month in which billed, they shall become delinquent, following which the district shall, without further notice, discontinue service until such charges are paid in full. Whether or not the statement covering charges, as in this section provided, is actually delivered to the person responsible for the payment thereof is not controlling, the amount of said charges being due and owing to the district whether or not the statement therefor is actually delivered.

B. Any applicant whose application for water is filed pursuant to CVWDC 3.10.010 and 3.10.020, which application is accepted by the district and under which application water is furnished by the district as provided herein, becomes liable for payment under the appropriate rate schedule for all water or services so furnished by the district, as provided herein, subsequent to the date stipulated on the authorization and until such time as the applicant makes proper request to the district to cancel the authorization. It is understood that the district delivers water through its works and meters and charges for all water delivered through each meter. In the event that water service is interrupted or discontinued by the district because of the failure of the applicant or the water user to pay the charges therefor, said service shall not be restored nor shall water again be delivered through the meter or to the land involved unless and until all charges which are delinquent have been paid in full. Change in ownership of land shall in no way cause a modification hereof, it being the intent and purpose of this provision that once a delinquency has occurred, no further water will be delivered through the involved meter to the concerned land, even though ownership of the land has changed, unless and until all delinquencies have been paid in full. (Ord. 1127, 1980; Ord. 958 § 6, 1964)

3.10.070 Use of rights-of-way, pipelines and structures.

According to easements granted by landowners for construction of laterals and turn-out structures on or across their property, the landowner has the right to farm all land over district laterals; however, permission is not granted to operate this land in any manner which might injure the pipelines therein. No fences or other obstructions should be constructed which would interfere with normal operation and maintenance of main laterals. This should not be construed as giving permission to farm, fence or make installations of any kind on the right-of-way along the open canal which might interfere with the travel of maintenance equipment along same.

The roads on the main canal are not public roads, but are to be used only for the operation and maintenance of the canal system.

Swimming in any of the water system facilities is strictly forbidden.

The structures and lines of the district system shall not be used for the application of fertilizer or any other uses which might either damage or interfere with the operation of the system. Open irrigation ditches or reservoirs are not to be constructed on top of district pipelines. (Ord. 958 § 7, 1964)

3.10.080 Beneficial use – Waste of water.

A. Water is ordered from the district with the express stipulation by the water user that water delivered will be restricted to an amount which can be beneficially used within the confines of the property described in the application. Water will be delivered only to lands eligible to receive and use district water.

B. The district will refuse or restrict water service to any landowner or water user where wasting of water occurs. (Ord. 958 § 8, 1964)

3.10.090 Compensation to district employees.

All inspectors, agents and employees of the district, while acting as such, are strictly forbidden to demand or accept any personal compensation for services rendered to a water user of the district. (Ord. 958 § 9, 1964)

3.10.100 Interference by unauthorized persons.

No water shall be delivered except through works controlled by the district. No person shall molest, tamper or interfere with structures used for the delivery of water. (Ord. 1089, 1978; Ord. 1082, 1977; Ord. 1072, 1976; Ord. 958 § 10, 1964)

3.10.110 Violation of the provisions of this chapter.

Except as otherwise herein provided water service may be discontinued without notice upon violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, in which event service will be restored only upon order of the board and upon such conditions as the board may determine. (Ord. 958 § 11, 1964)

3.10.120 Administrative procedures.

In the event that a customer disagrees with a fine or penalty imposed by a district representative, the customer can request a hearing with the district’s general manager, or his or her appointed delegate. After such hearing, the district’s general manager, or his or her delegate, shall determine the suitability of the fine or penalty imposed. The determination of the district’s general manager, or his or her delegate, is final. (Ord. 1388, 2011)