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A. Violation of any part of this chapter may result in any or all of the following penalties as may be imposed by the district or any other local agency with jurisdiction to take enforcement actions. The following penalties apply when enforcement action is taken by the district:

1. Monetary. See Appendix F of this chapter for schedule of monetary penalties.

2. Termination of service.

B. Notice. The district shall issue a written notice of imposition of penalty. The notice shall set forth the penalty imposed and the reason for imposition of it. The notice shall be served on the customer by registered or certified mail and shall advise that the customer may request review of the imposition of penalty by filing a written request for a hearing pursuant to the provision of CVWDC 3.15.080. (Ord. 1302.3 Att. A, 2017; Ord. 1302, 2003)