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Effective June 1, 2016, volumetric penalties are no longer in effect. However, they can be reinstated if CVWD is required by the State Water Resources Control Board (“SWRCB”) to reduce water usage by an amount greater than 25 percent. In such a case, CVWD will require customers to reduce their usage by the percentage number which is the difference between the SWRCB target percentage and the percentage of 25 percent. For example, if CVWD is required in the future to reduce usage by 30 percent, CVWD will then implement volumetric drought penalties to encourage that additional five percent reduction. If a customer fails to limit outdoor water usage by said percentage, then penalties will be imposed in addition to normal budget-based tiered rates. Any drought volumetric penalty imposed pursuant to this chapter may be collected on a customer’s water bill. Any drought volumetric penalty shall be applicable to water used by a customer in violation of this chapter during the customer’s first complete billing cycle after the adoption of the ordinance codified in this chapter.

The following table describes the drought volumetric penalties:

Tier 1: Excellent

Indoor budget of 8 CCFs

No penalty

Tier 2: Efficient

With assigned percentage less water use

No penalty

Without assigned percentage less water use

$2.51 per CCF above reduction goal

Tier 3: Inefficient

100 – 175% of budget

$5.00 per CCF or portion thereof

Tier 4: Excessive

175 – 300% of budget

$10.00 per CCF or portion thereof

Tier 5: Wasteful

Over 300% of budget

$20.00 per CCF or portion thereof

(Ord. 1422.5 § 8, 2017; Ord. 1422.4 § 8, 2016; Ord. 1422.3 § 8, 2016)