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Article V. Charges

A. General Provisions. The sanitation capacity charge is provided for in Table A-2, Charge Number A-2.2, except as modified in the succeeding subsections.

B. Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). Except as otherwise provided for in Table A-1, the minimum number of EDUs assigned to any property shall be one. The general manager will determine the number of EDUs for properties not provided for in the regulations.

C. Reserved.

D. Palm Desert Country Club Service Area. Properties included in original service area with sewer available: no charge will be levied.

E. Payment. The sanitation capacity charge shall be paid at a time established by the general manager, but not later than the time of approval of the domestic water and/or sanitation system improvement plans. If domestic water and/or sanitation system improvement plans are not required, the sanitation capacity charge shall be paid prior to CVWD providing domestic water service or sanitation service.

F. Increased Sanitation Capacity. The sanitation capacity charge for nonresidential establishments is due when sanitation service is initially provided. In addition, if the building is remodeled or the use changed which places an additional demand on the sanitation system, an additional sanitation capacity charge for the new increased use shall be charged. This shall be calculated based upon the increase in the demand to the sanitation system. (Ord. 1427.1, 2017)