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A. General Provisions. The charge will be fixed by the board on or before the first day of July in each calendar year. The charge so fixed will be for the fiscal year, July 1st through June 30th.

B. Applicability. The sanitation availability charge will be levied on property within CVWD which meet all of these criteria:

1. Domestic water is available from any source.

2. Property is within a sanitation improvement CVWD.

3. Property is within 660 feet of an existing sewer as measured along usual land subdivision lines.

4. Property does not have a street sewer lateral.

C. Method of Collection. The charge may be filed with the county auditor who will enter it against the respective lot or parcel on the current year’s tax assessment and it will be collected along with the general county taxes.

D. Amount. See Table A-2, Charge Number A-2.1. (Ord. 1427.1, 2017)