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A. Amount. The charge for inspection of a sewer extension provided for in CVWDC 4.05.340 or a street sewer lateral provided for in CVWDC 4.05.100(B)(1) will be determined on the basis of the method listed below.

1. The rate provided for in Table A-2, Charge Number A-2.7. Hours will be computed to the nearest one-half hour.

B. Deposit. The applicant shall deposit the estimated cost of the inspection prior to the start of construction. When the inspection charges exceed 90 percent of the deposit, the applicant shall make additional deposits prior to any additional inspection.

C. Refund. CVWD will refund any excess funds within 30 days of final acceptance of the sewer extension and/or street sewer lateral by CVWD. (Ord. 1427.2, 2021)