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A. General Provisions. A property owner is responsible for payment, including amounts unpaid by tenant, of bills, costs, loss, damage, penalties, charges, or fees regardless of user or use for sanitation service provided to the property from the acquisition date of the property until such time as the property is transferred to new ownership.

A nonresidential tenant is responsible for payment of all amounts due for sanitation service, including all bills, costs, loss, damage, penalties, charges, or fees, regardless of user or use subsequent to the date stipulated on the application and until such time as the customer makes proper request to CVWD to discontinue the service, or until a new application for service is approved.

1. Rendering of Bill. Charges will be billed monthly. If CVWD also provides domestic water service a single bill will be rendered for both. Sanitation availability charges may be levied annually and appear on the property tax bill.

2. Information on Bill. The bill will be in the form of a domestic water/sewer statement.

B. Person to Be Billed. Charges will be billed to the customer. The applicant and/or customer shall notify CVWD of any change in the ownership or occupancy of the property at least two days prior to such change.

C. Payment. The bill for service is due and payable upon receipt. A bill will become delinquent if it is not paid within 25 days from date of invoice. (Ord. 1427.1, 2017)