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Article VIII.  Sewer Extensions
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4.05.300 General provisions.
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A. CVWD Ownership. Any facilities installed will be the sole property of CVWD. Before service is provided for permanent or temporary use, the applicant shall execute any and all documents required by CVWD to vest title in CVWD to those facilities. As used in this Article VIII, the word “applicant” shall be deemed to include the word “subdivider.”

B. Specifications. The size, type, quality of materials, and their actual construction will be done either by a contractor acceptable to CVWD or by CVWD. The sewer extension shall be installed in accordance with the standard specifications, CVWD’s Development Design Manual, and the approved drawings. The installation of the sewer extension will be under the inspection of and subject to the approval of CVWD.

C. Costs. Adjustment of any difference between the estimated cost and the actual cost of any sewer extension constructed hereunder will be made as provided for in CVWDC 4.05.310(B).

D. Feasibility. The right is reserved, as the interests of CVWD may require, to determine the economic and/or engineering feasibility of any sewer extension and CVWD will not make those sewer extensions for which the feasibility is uncertain, in the opinion of the general manager, whose decision will be final.

E. Location. Sewer extensions will be located in streets, in easements provided to CVWD by the applicant or in easements obtained by CVWD, or in property deeded to CVWD.

Prior to installing a sewer extension, the applicant shall provide CVWD with such easements or deeds as may be necessary or reasonably appropriate to the operation thereof.

Where the property is located adjacent to a street exceeding 70 feet in width, or a freeway, waterway, or railroad right-of-way, CVWD may elect to install a sewer extension on the same side thereof as the property in lieu of extending a service connection across said street, freeway, waterway or railroad right-of-way from an existing or proposed unit. (Ord. 1427.1, 2017)