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4.05.310 Types of extensions.
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A. By CVWD. CVWD may extend its sanitation system to the applicant’s property at the applicant’s expense.

The applicant shall pay CVWD a deposit equal to the estimated cost of the sewer extension, as determined by CVWD. Said deposit shall be used to compensate CVWD and/or any contractors and suppliers engaged by CVWD in the installation of the sewer extension. Within 60 days after the cost of the sewer extension has been determined any difference between the cost and the deposit of the applicant shall be adjusted by the parties.

Where two or more of the applicants apply for service from the same sewer extension, CVWD may allocate the costs proportionally.

B. By Subdivider. The applicant for the installation of a sewer extension shall furnish a security deposit to guarantee the installation of the sewer extension in the amount of $5,000 or five percent of the amount of the construction costs of the sewer extension, whichever sum is greater, of immediately available funds. The term “immediately available funds” shall mean cash, wire transfer or a cashier’s check drawn on good and sufficient funds on a federally insured bank and made payable to the order of CVWD. Upon completion of the sewer extension, and acceptance by CVWD, the security will be returned to the applicant.

A street sewer lateral in accordance with the standard specifications shall be placed by the applicant for each lot of the subdivision prior to the installation of street paving. (Ord. 1427.1, 2017)