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Article VII. Discontinuance of Service
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A. General Provisions. CVWD has the right to discontinue service if a customer fails to comply with these regulations. A reasonable effort will be made to notify the customer; however, a notice is not necessary when the noncompliance, violation or infraction of the regulations by the customer results, or is likely to result, in a dangerous or unsanitary condition on the property, or in the sanitation system, or elsewhere, or where discontinuance is necessary to protect CVWD from fraud, imposition, loss or abuse. In such case the general manager may order immediate discontinuance of service which may include severing connection to street sewer lateral at customer’s expense.

Before discontinuing service, excepting as otherwise provided above, CVWD will present the customer a notice in writing specifying the reason or reasons why service may be discontinued. A customer may request a hearing by submitting a written appeal to the general manager in accordance with Article XII of this chapter, Hearing and Administrative Procedures. If the customer fails or refuses to comply with the notice or fails to request an opportunity to be heard within a period of five days after the presentation of the notice, then CVWD may discontinue service to the customer.

B. CVWD Initiated. CVWD may discontinue service to any property:

1. Where wastes or water defined in CVWDC 4.05.360(A) are discharged into the sanitation system; or

2. To protect itself against fraud or abusive conduct on the part of the customer.

C. At Customer’s Request. A nonresidential customer may have its service discontinued by notifying CVWD at least 48 hours in advance of the desired date of discontinuance of water service and by paying the charge as provided for in CVWDC 4.05.190. Service will not be discontinued on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday.

A residential customer may have its sewer service discontinued by abandoning the property’s street sewer lateral. Abandonment must be approved by CVWD, and work must be performed by an experienced contractor approved by CVWD and under direct CVWD inspection or by CVWD staff. All cost associated with the street sewer lateral abandonment will be at customer’s expense. (Ord. 1427.5 § 7-1, 2023)