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A. General Provisions. The general manager may require the customer to provide at its own expense such pretreatment or handling as may be necessary to meet CVWD’s requirements. Any plans, specifications and any other pertinent information in relation to proposed preliminary treatment, interceptors/separators, or handling devices shall be submitted for approval to the general manager and no construction of such devices shall commence until approval is obtained and standards set forth in this Article IX are met.

B. Industrial Waste. Pretreatment of industrial waste shall be in accordance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency pretreatment standards which have been promulgated for specific industrial processes.

C. Maintenance of Pretreatment Facilities. When pretreatment is provided for any water or wastes to meet the requirements of this Article IX, it shall be maintained in satisfactory and effective operation by the customer at its expense.

D. Control Mechanisms.

1. General Provisions. When the general manager has required a proposed discharge of waters or wastes enumerated in CVWDC 4.05.360(B) be pretreated, controlled, or surcharged, CVWD shall prepare and issue a control mechanism to the customer. Said control mechanism may be a permit, authorization, or special agreement. Control mechanisms shall be issued for a specified period not to exceed five years. Control mechanisms may be renewed.

2. Application. A written application to discharge waters or wastes enumerated in CVWDC 4.05.360(B) shall be made and signed by each applicant on a form supplied by CVWD. Applications deemed complete will be considered by the general manager and an appropriate control mechanism shall be prepared. Incomplete applications shall be returned to the applicant within 30 days.

A nonrefundable application fee as set forth in Appendix A of this chapter shall be submitted with the application.

3. Permit. A permit will specify discharge limitations, monitoring requirements, reporting requirements, special conditions, and set forth CVWD’s standard conditions for controlled discharges

4. Authorization. An authorization will specify reporting requirements.

5. Special Agreement. A special agreement will specify customer obligations and CVWD obligations pertinent to a specific discharge. (Ord. 1427.2, 2021)