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Pursuant to the authority contained in Cal. Gov’t Code § 935, the following claims procedure is hereby established for claims against the district for money or damages that are not governed by any state law:

A. Notwithstanding the exemptions set forth in Cal. Gov’t Code § 905, all claims against the district for damages or money where a procedure for presenting such claims is not otherwise provided by state law shall be presented within the time limitations and in the manner provided by Cal. Gov’t Code § 910 et seq.

B. This claim procedure shall be subject to the provisions of Cal. Gov’t Code § 945.4 relating to the prohibition of any legal action against the district in the absence of the presentation of claims and action thereon by the board of directors.

C. The claims filing procedures set forth herein shall be applied retroactively to previously accrued claims for which a party has not filed a claim against the district. (Ord. 1239 § 1, 1993)