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A. All water orders must be placed with the office of the water department of the district during normal business hours. The district assumes no responsibility for errors arising from orders which are not submitted in writing.

B. Water orders may be placed only by an authorized person and must include the following information:

1. Meter number.

2. Name of landowner.

3. Name of authorized person placing the order.

4. The quantity of water and the period of time during which said order is to be effective.

C. On the day upon which the order is to be put into effect, the zanjero will turn water on or off or make changes at the time when he passes the point of delivery on his regular scheduled run for that day.

D. Delivered water as ordered will run continuously day and night until ordered off. Water orders will not be accepted for runs of less than 12 hours, and must be in multiples of 12 hours. Requests for cancellation which are placed after normal business hours on the day preceding the day upon which an order is to become effective will be received and honored only as an unscheduled change.

E. Where the demand for water exceeds the capacity of the facilities, water shall be delivered in sequence to water users pursuant to orders received at the maximum rate of flow available or as much thereof as the water user shall order. Twelve days shall be the maximum period of time for a complete cycle during which all affected water users are served. The amount of time allotted to each water user shall bear the same ratio as his acreage bears to the total acreage involved; provided, that the shortest length of time for a given delivery shall be one day. Should all of the water users involved in a rotation water schedule agree among themselves to a schedule other than above and submit such schedule in writing, the board of directors or the general manager may approve same if it does not conflict with existing rules and regulations.

F. Where the demand for water exceeds the available water supply, water orders may be delayed except under emergency conditions as determined by the district. (Ord. 1303, 2003; Ord. 958 § 3, 1964)