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According to easements granted by landowners for construction of laterals and turn-out structures on or across their property, the landowner has the right to farm all land over district laterals; however, permission is not granted to operate this land in any manner which might injure the pipelines therein. No fences or other obstructions should be constructed which would interfere with normal operation and maintenance of main laterals. This should not be construed as giving permission to farm, fence or make installations of any kind on the right-of-way along the open canal which might interfere with the travel of maintenance equipment along same.

The roads on the main canal are not public roads, but are to be used only for the operation and maintenance of the canal system.

Swimming in any of the water system facilities is strictly forbidden.

The structures and lines of the district system shall not be used for the application of fertilizer or any other uses which might either damage or interfere with the operation of the system. Open irrigation ditches or reservoirs are not to be constructed on top of district pipelines. (Ord. 958 § 7, 1964)