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3.30.020 Recommended activities.
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A. The irrigation and preservation of trees and shrubs is strongly encouraged.

B. CVWD strongly encourages counties, cities, homeowners’ associations (“HOAs”) and other enforcement agencies to suspend code enforcement and fines for brown turf areas and to otherwise comply with new state laws regarding limitations on such enforcement.

C. CVWD will work with private pumpers, canal water and nonpotable water users to reduce water use.

D. Use of pool covers when not in use, especially during summer months, is strongly encouraged.

E. Draining and refilling of private swimming pools is discouraged, unless necessary for health and safety or leak repair.

F. HOAs are strongly encouraged to adopt and enforce water use restrictions in their rules and regulations.

G. Over-seeding is strongly discouraged.

H. Planting of spray irrigated annual flower beds is strongly discouraged.

I. Installation of irrigation smart controllers is strongly encouraged. (Ord. 1422.5 § 6, 2017; Ord. 1422.4 § 6, 2016; Ord. 1422.3 § 6, 2016) (Ord. 1422.5 § 6, 2017; Ord. 1422.4 § 6, 2016; Ord. 1422.3 § 6, 2016.)