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The charge for the district to perform and provide results for a fire flow test is provided for in Appendix U of this chapter.

A. Residential Smart Controller Charge. See CVWDC 3.05.610(A) and Appendix W of this chapter.

B. Program Rebate Inspection Charge. See CVWDC 3.05.610(B) and Appendix W of this chapter.

C. Conservation Review Charge. See CVWDC 3.05.620 and Appendix W of this chapter.

D. Meter Accuracy Test Charge. See CVWDC 3.05.630 and Appendix W of this chapter.

E. Returned Payment Charge. A charge will be assessed for all checks and other forms of payment, electronic or otherwise, that are returned unpaid by a financial institution. See Appendix Y of this chapter for the current charge.

F. Checks Drawn on non-U.S. Banks Charge. A charge for checks drawn on non-U.S. banks is applicable as provided in Appendix Y of this chapter. (Ord. 1399.12 § 5-13, 2017)