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Article VIII. Domestic Water Service Infrastructure

Domestic water service infrastructure generally includes water mains, pumping stations, reservoirs, wells, treatment facilities, service connections and other facilities and/or appurtenances required to provide service to an applicant.

Domestic water service infrastructure may be designed and constructed by either the district or the applicant.

A. Domestic Water Infrastructure. Standard domestic water infrastructure includes on-site pipelines described and required by the standard installation agreement; special domestic water infrastructure includes off-site pipelines, wells, well sites, reservoirs, booster stations and treatment facilities described and required by the special installation agreement.

B. Design and Construction. All new domestic water infrastructure shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the district’s Development Design Manual, standard specifications and drawing(s) prepared by the applicant; all plans, designs, and drawing(s) must be reviewed and approved by the district’s engineering department at the applicant’s expense as required by CVWDC 3.05.220. Construction inspection will be performed by the district at the applicant’s expense as required by CVWDC 3.05.210. (Ord. 1399.12 § 8-1, 2017)