Article VIII. Domestic Water Service Infrastructure
3.05.330 General.

Domestic water service infrastructure generally includes water mains, pumping stations, reservoirs, wells, treatment facilities, service connections and other facilities and/or appurtenances required to provide service to an applicant.

Domestic water service infrastructure may be designed and constructed by either the district or the applicant.

A. Domestic Water Infrastructure. Standard domestic water infrastructure includes on-site pipelines described and required by the standard installation agreement; special domestic water infrastructure includes off-site pipelines, wells, well sites, reservoirs, booster stations and treatment facilities described and required by the special installation agreement.

B. Design and Construction. All new domestic water infrastructure shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the district’s Development Design Manual, standard specifications and drawing(s) prepared by the applicant; all plans, designs, and drawing(s) must be reviewed and approved by the district’s engineering department at the applicant’s expense as required by CVWDC 3.05.220. Construction inspection will be performed by the district at the applicant’s expense as required by CVWDC 3.05.210. (Ord. 1399.12 § 8-1, 2017)

3.05.340 District ownership.

All domestic water service infrastructure constructed will be the sole property of the district. Upon final acceptance by the district, the developer will file a certificate of completion and final acceptance with the county of Riverside or Imperial and provide the district with the bill of sale conveying the facilities to the district. (Ord. 1399.12 § 8-2, 2017)

3.05.350 Infrastructure location.

New domestic water infrastructure will be located within public right-of-way, easements provided to the district by the applicant, easements obtained by the district or property deeded to the district. (Ord. 1399.12 § 8-3, 2017)

3.05.360 Special provision for domestic water pipeline extensions.

Where the property is located adjacent to a street exceeding 70 feet in width or a freeway, waterway, or railroad right-of-way, the district may require the applicant to install a domestic water pipeline on the same side thereof as the property in lieu of extending a service connection across said street, freeway, waterway or railroad right-of-way from an existing or proposed main. (Ord. 1399.12 § 8-4, 2017)

3.05.370 Construction of new domestic water infrastructure by district.

In cases where the applicant’s request for domestic water service only requires an extension of an existing domestic water pipeline for a distance less than 500 feet, the district may elect to extend its water system to the applicant’s property at the applicant’s expense.

The applicant shall pay the district a deposit equal to the estimated cost of the domestic water pipeline extension, as determined by the district. Said deposit shall be used to compensate the district and/or any contractors and suppliers engaged by the district in the installation of the domestic water pipeline extension. Within 60 days after the cost of the domestic water pipeline extension has been determined, any difference between the cost and the deposit from the applicant shall be adjusted by the parties.

Where two or more applicants apply for service from the same domestic water pipeline extension, the district may allocate the cost proportionately. (Ord. 1399.12 § 8-5, 2017)