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A. General Provisions.

1. Purpose. A temporary service connection, whether from a fire hydrant or otherwise, may be installed at the discretion of the district.

2. Duration. A temporary service connection will be disconnected and terminated within six months after installation unless the customer applies for and receives a written extension of time from the district. The district has the right to terminate a temporary service connection at any time without notice to the customer.

3. Responsibility. The customer is responsible for loss or damage to a meter and any district-owned appurtenances associated with the temporary service connection from the time it is installed until it is removed, or until 48 hours after notice in writing has been received by the district that the customer wants the temporary service connection disconnected.

B. Location.

1. From a Fire Hydrant.

a. Application. A temporary service connection can be obtained from a fire hydrant through a fire hydrant meter. The applicant must specify the hydrant location and make a deposit as provided for in CVWDC 3.05.150(B) in addition to any guaranty deposit.

b. Installation. The district will install the fire hydrant meter.

c. Relocation. The charge for the relocation of a fire hydrant meter is provided for in CVWDC 3.05.150(B).

2. From Other Than Fire Hydrant. A temporary service connection from district domestic water service infrastructure other than a fire hydrant may be obtained at the discretion of the district. The application shall be made as provided for in Article IV of this chapter and the charge for such temporary service is provided for in CVWDC 3.05.150(B). The applicant shall be responsible for all necessary appurtenances for the connection of the meter by the district. The applicant shall be responsible for returning the domestic water service infrastructure to its original condition. (Ord. 1399.13 § 3-3, 2019)