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A. General Provisions. Pursuant to provisions of Cal. Water Code § 31031.6, the district’s board of directors may fix, on or before the first day of July in each calendar year, a water availability charge. The water availability charge is necessary because of the unique and special water management and financing problems of the area included within the district’s service area.

If new, increased or extended assessments are proposed, the board shall comply with the notice, protest and hearing procedures in Cal. Gov’t. Code § 53753.

B. Applicability.

1. Within Improvement Districts. The charge is levied against all lands, any boundary of which is within 660 feet of an existing water main, as measured along usual land subdivision lines.

2. Within Service Areas. The charge is levied only on lands which are adjacent to an existing water main.

C. Method of Collection. This charge, after final determination and approval by the board, is filed with the county auditor who enters it against the respective lots or parcels of land on the current year’s assessment roll and it is collected at the same time together with general county taxes. No billing for such assessment will be rendered.

Parcels of land with active domestic water service during the current fiscal year (July 1st through June 30th of the following year), or any portion thereof, shall be considered as having met and satisfied the water availability charges for the current fiscal year for up to the first acre of said parcel.

D. Amount. See Appendix A-13 of this chapter. (Ord. 1399.15 § 5-4, 2022)