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A. Dwelling Unit/Building Unit Charge. Refer to CVWDC 3.05.130(A)(1) and Appendix N of this chapter.

B. Meter Surcharge. Refer to CVWDC 3.05.130(A)(2) and Appendix N of this chapter.

C. Supplemental Water Supply Charge. Refer to CVWDC 3.05.130(A)(3) and Appendix N of this chapter.

D. Additional WSBFC Provision. The district reserves the right to audit development consumption records to verify the adequacy of the building unit charge and/or the supplemental water supply charge originally assessed. In the event that the development type changes, the development adds facilities and/or the development increases acreage which results in an increase in water demands, the general manager shall determine if an additional building unit charge and/or supplemental water supply charge shall be assessed. In addition, when a development does not fit within the development type categories as shown in Appendix N of this chapter for the supplemental water supply charge, the general manager has the authority to calculate a charge that is applicable to the specific development. (Ord. 1399.12 § 5-5, 2017)