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A. Well sites shall be provided by the applicant at a location and of a size approved by the general manager at no cost to the district. The number of well sites will be in accordance with the domestic water design criteria outlined in the Development Design Manual, based on gross acreage of the subdivision or development as follows:

1. Less than 90 acres: none.

2. Equal to or greater than 90 acres: one per 90 acres or major portion thereof, major portion being 35 or more acres.

B. Fee in Lieu of Well Sites. At the discretion of the general manager, applicants required to provide to the district well sites as outlined above may be eligible to provide to the district a fee in lieu of a well site. The applicant shall have previously exhausted all reasonable attempts to acquire land for a well site.

C. Amount. The fee in lieu of a well site is based on the estimated costs to improve the well site in accordance with the district’s Development Design Manual and the fair market value of land and required site improvements in the area of the applicant’s development. (Ord. 1399.12 § 5-6, 2017)