Article IV. Application for Service
3.05.090 General provisions.

A. Application for Service. A request for service must be made by each applicant for domestic water service in such format as defined by the district. The district may establish reasonable means to verify applicant’s identity. Upon verification of applicant’s identity, the district may provide for written applications to be completed and accepted electronically, by mail, in person or other appropriate means of delivery. An applicant may be required to establish credit worthiness as provided in CVWDC 3.05.270(A). There is a fee to establish or transfer an account if the district approves the application for service. The fee is listed in Appendix Y of this chapter. Upon district’s acceptance of application, domestic water service will be established the following business day. The district may discontinue service if an application is erroneous, not complete, and the errors are not cured by the property owner after notice deemed adequate by the district. All applicants will be advised of this provision when the district is contacted for service.

Each time there is a change of customer (either property owner or tenant) on any commercial or industrial property, the new or previous property owner or customer shall notify the district immediately.

B. Property Owner Responsibility. Domestic water service, in all cases, shall be the responsibility of the property owner. The property owner may authorize, in writing, that service may be billed to another party such as a tenant, but the property owner shall be held responsible for payment of all amounts due for domestic water service. If the property owner has authorized a second party to receive billing for service, a completed application form shall be required from the second party.

C. Description of Property. The applicant shall describe the property to be served and only the property described will receive domestic water through such service connection. The description shall include street address, city, assessor’s parcel number and other information, including plumbing and building plans, to enable the district to determine the level of cross connection protection required. The district may refuse domestic water service to any property where apparatus, appliances or equipment using water are dangerous, unsafe or not in conformity with pertinent laws, ordinances, or regulations. The district will not assume responsibility for inspecting the property.

Any alterations to existing facilities on the property that may affect the level of cross connection protection required must be reported immediately to the district.

D. Description of Water Usage. The applicant shall describe the domestic water demand for the property to be served, including the required maximum flow (in gallons per minute) and minimum pressure (in pounds per square inch) required at the meter. For dwelling units required to install a residential fire sprinkler system, the applicant shall also provide the type of residential fire sprinkler system (multipurpose or standalone), the maximum flow (in gallons per minute) and minimum pressure (in pounds per square inch) required for the residential fire sprinkler system. (Ord. 1399.12 § 4-1, 2017)

3.05.100 Special provision.

Properties, other than residential, with landscaped areas will be served with a separate service for irrigation purposes. (Ord. 1399.12 § 4-2, 2017)

3.05.110 Cooling tower provision.

Newly installed cooling towers receiving domestic water supplied by the district shall be served with a separate service. (Ord. 1399.12 § 4-3, 2017)

3.05.120 Prior service.

An applicant for service may be subject to the provisions of CVWDC 3.05.300 if a delinquency has occurred at the property or another property owned by the property owner. This provision shall apply to all domestic water services including business and landscape.

The applicant will not be held liable for any unpaid charges from a prior customer or property owner except those unpaid charges which have been filed as a lien against the property by the district under the provisions of Cal. Water Code § 31701.5. A new property owner assuming existing liens on property shall be required to pay all unpaid charges that remain as liens against the property purchased, prior to new domestic water service being established. (Ord. 1399.12 § 4-4, 2017)

3.05.130 Water system backup facilities charge (WSBFC).

A. General. Since 1978, with the passage of Proposition 13, capital construction costs for new domestic water service infrastructure have been borne by developers through the WSBFC. The WSBFC is assessed on all new development and redevelopment projects within the district’s service area.

The WSBFC is comprised of three components: (1) dwelling unit/building unit charge; (2) meter surcharge; (3) supplemental water supply charge.

1. Dwelling Unit/Building Unit Charge (DU/BUC). The DU/BUC provides funds to construct backup facilities to maintain domestic water service to new developments at peak day flow conditions.

The DUC is applicable to residential-type development including duplexes, apartments, condominiums, hotels, motels and recreational vehicle and trailer park spaces. For purposes of calculating the DUC, each recreational vehicle, each motel room and each hotel room shall constitute 0.5 dwelling units.

The BUC is based on the DUC calculation and is applicable to all nonresidential development projects. To calculate the BUC, the equivalent number of dwelling units (EDU) for a nonresidential development is determined, then multiplied by the DUC.

The BUC for a cooling tower is calculated as shown in Table A-4 of the Sanitation System Rules and Regulations.

2. Meter Surcharge. The standard service connection for the district consists of a one-inch service line with a three-quarters-inch meter. Meters larger than three-quarters inch allow greater flow rates; therefore require more backup facilities to maintain domestic water service. The meter surcharge is equal to a modified DUC multiplied by a factor to account for the increased flows through the larger meters.

The meter surcharge is applicable to all new service connections in which the meter is larger than three-quarters inch and to existing service connections in which an increase in meter size is requested.

For existing service connections, when the meter size is increased, the meter surcharge will be the difference between the meter surcharge for the old and new meters. The size of the meter installed will be determined by the general manager.

3. Supplemental Water Supply Charge (SWSC). The supplemental water supply charge is levied for the purpose of funding new water sources to supplement existing groundwater supplies used for domestic water.

4. Payment. The DU/BUC, meter surcharge and SWSC and other charges as may be required shall be paid prior to the district issuing the first meter to the development. At the discretion of the general manager, the DU/BUC, meter surcharge, and SWSC may be paid at alternative times. For existing service connections, the meter surcharge shall be paid at the time of application for an increased meter size.

The district may apply a credit for the development’s DU/BUC towards construction of off-site infrastructure not exceeding the total amount of the DU/BUC. Credits are not applicable for the meter surcharge and SWSC.

B. Amount. See Appendix N of this chapter. (Ord. 1399.12 § 4-5, 2017)