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A. Plans and Specifications. All plans and specifications shall be submitted to CVWD in advance of construction and no construction shall start until the plans and specifications have been approved by CVWD. CVWD will provide the applicant the building and street sewer lateral list containing the names of contractors eligible to perform work within CVWD’s service area.

B. Installations.

1. Street Sewer Laterals. A street sewer lateral from an existing sanitation system shall be installed only by employees of CVWD, or others authorized in writing by CVWD.

All street sewer laterals to be installed in new subdivisions shall be installed by the subdivider before streets are paved and shall be terminated in a plug or shall be connected to a building sewer lateral, unless otherwise approved by the general manager. The applicant shall pay for the cost of installing the street sewer lateral and shall be responsible for the cost of maintaining it.

CVWD will provide inspection of the street sewer lateral installation from an existing sanitation system done by others at the applicant’s expense, as provided for in CVWDC 4.05.190.

2. Interceptors/Separators. No interceptor/separator shall be installed without prior approval from CVWD. Applicant shall notify CVWD 48 hours prior to the start of installation and all installations may be inspected by CVWD personnel. (Ord. 1427.2, 2021)